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Create once and share your brand, business and editorial content everywhere with Issuu. The Issuu Story Cloud makes it easy to convert your content into new formats for sharing on your website, as mobile Stories on social and across the web.

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The First-Ever Story Cloud by Issuu

The Issuu Story Cloud is a suite of integrated digital publishing products. Tap the power of the Issuu Story Cloud to create and share content to your website, on your blog or as Instagram Stories, Stories on Facebook, Snapchat Stories and more.

The Issuu Stories Experience

Stories are now the most popular and impactful media format to connect with and captivate new audiences on mobile and social. Streamline content creation and distribution by using the Issuu Story Cloud to transform your content into Instagram Stories, AMP Stories, LinkedIn Stories and more in seconds.

Andreas Kornhofer,
General Manager, Red Bull Media House Publishing

“The Issuu Story Cloud offers us a seamless process to create and share The Red Bulletin magazine by using Stories on our site and social channels.This allows us to capture new audiences and increase distribution of our magazine in an exciting and interesting way.”

Andreas Kornhofer,
General Manager, Red Bull Media House Publishing

Nathaniel Robert Budzinski,
Global Editorial Manager, Bang & Olufsen 

“Bang & Olufsen has been creating innovative and iconic audiovisual design experiences since 1925, and storytelling is key in connecting people to our brand – there are so many stories that we can tell, almost too many stories! Issuu helps us reach the people we want to engage with our brand content, presenting our editorial with integrity. The Issuu Story Cloud will help further rationalise the decisions we make about our content, enabling storytelling using our brand approved assets and content to a high visual standard without requiring entire production teams.”

Nathaniel Robert Budzinski,
Global Editorial Manager, Bang & Olufsen 

Get Started Creating Stories

We’ve made it easy to transform your content into shareable Stories for your website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more, that are optimized for the best reading experience across every platform.

A Cloud of Content

Upload your content to the Issuu publisher workspace and transform it into new native formats using the suite of Issuu Story Cloud products. Feature your content with our interactive full-screen flipbook style reader on big screens or optimize it for mobile with the Issuu Story Cloud.

Create Visual Stories

Building exciting and engaging stories for social media can be time consuming and complicated, but now you can easily create unique and immersive Visual Stories on the Issuu Story Cloud. Choose the Inspire or Voice template to create your Visual Story combining and customizing animation, photos, text and even video, then share your Story to Instagram, AMP, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat and more. Learn More > 

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Create Article Stories

Captivate new audiences using the Issuu Story Cloud by creating Article Stories from text-based articles and specific sections of your uploaded content. With the Article Story, you can customize headlines, photos and text to be optimized for display on tablets and mobile. Maximize your content reach by engaging readers on mobile and enabling slick scrolls on small screens. Learn More > 

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Get the Issuu App

Download the Issuu App to keep your Story creations in motion. Create Issuu Stories with animation, photos and video in unique styles and templates. Then share your Stories to your social channels and measure your publication and Story performance using Issuu Analytics.

Create Issuu Stories on Desktop

Now it’s even easier to create Issuu Stories. Use our desktop tool to create Article Stories or animated Visual Stories directly from the content in your publications. Share as Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories and more.

Experience Issuu Stories for Yourself

Discover the most exciting Stories and content by top brands and the next generation of publishers on and the Issuu App.

All the Ways to Share

Share individual articles, editorials, catalogs, brochures and more with the Issuu Story Cloud to reach new audiences on Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and more.

Instagram and Social

Turn heads with Instagram Stories converted from your content and customized for maximum impact.

Google AMP Stories

Optimized for Google indexing and prioritized for mobile search so more readers can find your Stories.

Apple News

The most compelling Issuu Stories are featured on Issuu’s Apple News channel for even more readers.

Adobe InDesign

Now publish Instagram Stories and more from Adobe InDesign projects with the Issuu Story Cloud.

Get Started with Issuu Story Workshops

Learn how to build Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Snapchat Stories, LinkedIn Stories and more, then share on social with Issuu Story Workshops. Create once. Share everywhere. Only on Issuu.

Storytelling on the Issuu Story Cloud

Maximize storytelling with a suite of integrated digital publishing products to create mobile Stories once and share across all of your favorite social networks, the web and to the millions of readers on

Issuu Stories

Create engaging mobile Stories from your uploaded content with a few clicks and share seamlessly.

Issuu Embed

Share your content with turnkey social tools, through embeds and our shareable full-screen reader.

Issuu Drive

Comprehensive publisher workspace for storing and customizing your content to be shared beautifully.

Issuu App

Download the Issuu App to share content to your social channels and measure your performance.

Issuu Analytics

Gain insights and powerful statistics into what content and Stories resonate with your audience.

Issuu Collaborate

Manage the workflow of editorial, design and production teams with this helpful process tool.

Issuu Sales

Sell exciting digital content as an Issuu creator in fashion, art, music, and much more.

Issuu Advertising

Promote your content to millions with opportunities on Issuu, sponsored reads and impressions.

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