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Issuu is launching the first-ever Story Cloud extension for Adobe InDesign. Now you can create Issuu Stories from Adobe InDesign to easily distribute your content to all social platforms with the Issuu Story Cloud.

Download the free Issuu Story Cloud extension on your computer.

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Mobile Stories are today’s fastest growing content format and the Issuu Story Cloud is the first-ever integrated Story distribution tool to share Issuu Stories across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat and all social networks.

Download the Adobe InDesign extension to turn photos, video and text assets from InDesign documents into Issuu Stories. Join the top brands, marketers, content creators and more using the Issuu Story Cloud to customize approved content and assets into exciting Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, LinkedIn Stories and more.

Tell Your Story Now from Adobe InDesign to Issuu

Create Stories for Instagram, Facebook, AMP and more– right in your favorite design application. The Adobe InDesign extension for Issuu Stories will maximize your time and your content by creating mobile Stories without leaving InDesign.

Story Styles

Select one of the Issuu Story styles to integrate your content from InDesign documents and customize before you preview the Story and distribute to social with the power of the Issuu Story Cloud.
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Share Your Story Everywhere

Share your visually immersive mobile Story to the world using the Issuu Story Cloud for distribution to all social platforms, the web and all the millions of readers on

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Download the Issuu App to keep your Story creations in motion. Create Issuu Stories with animation, photos and video in unique styles and templates. Then share your Stories to your social channels and measure your publication and Story performance using Issuu Analytics.

Get Featured by Sharing Stories

Issuu is always looking for compelling Stories about travel, lifestyle, arts & entertainment, food, fashion, tech, and more. When you create Issuu Stories and share your content using the hashtag #IssuuStories, you have the chance to be curated for our Apple News Channel, homepage, weekly Top Stories email, social and more.

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Discover the most exciting Stories and content by top brands and the next generation of publishers on and the Issuu App.

Telling Your Brand Story

The First-Ever Story Cloud by Issuu

The Issuu Story Cloud is a suite of integrated digital publishing products to create once and share everywhere exclusively by Issuu.

Issuu Stories

Create engaging mobile Stories from your uploaded content with a few clicks and share seamlessly.

Issuu Embed

Share your content with turnkey social tools, through embeds and our shareable full-screen reader.

Issuu Drive

Comprehensive publisher workspace for storing and customizing your content to be shared beautifully.

Issuu App

Download the Issuu App to share content to your social channels and measure your performance.

Issuu Analytics

Gain insights and powerful statistics into what content and Stories resonate with your audience.

Issuu Collaborate

Manage the workflow of editorial, design and production teams with this helpful process tool.

Issuu Sales

Sell exciting digital content as an Issuu creator in fashion, art, music, and more.

Issuu Advertising

Promote your content to millions with opportunities on Issuu, sponsored reads and impressions.

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Create content in Adobe InDesign and share as Instagram Stories, LinkedIn Stories and more across all social platforms with the Issuu Story Cloud.